Another exiting round of the GOLCO On Sunday, December 3rd, two very attractive matches took place at Aiello Field in Mullins Park. The league is back playing at that beautiful stadium. 

At 5 PM, Lauderdale SC and Himmarshee FC confronted skills. It was a very interesting game, well played and with many goals scored. Himmarshee FC started very efficiently and scored to early goals. But LSC did not collapse and took control of the match. They attacked with intensity and shoot on goal frequently but Himmarshee goal keeper was impossible to beat until the last minute of the game when LSC scored on a penalty kick while playing with 10 men due to the application of the new FIFA temporary dismissal (“Sin-Bin”) rule. That new rule works very well but it is still resisted by some uninformed coaches and fans. The second half was as intense as the first one. LSC dominated as well, but Himmarshee scored early on a perfectly conducted counterattack. That did not discourage the LSC squad and in a clever sets of attacks they were able to score two kick goals to even the match. Then two more players of the LSC squad were removed from the game for temporary dismissal infractions, but LSC, despite the fact that they were playing with only 9 men, were able to score a fourth goal. After that, Himmarshee recovered control of the match and tied the game on a set play finished with class. The final minutes of the match were very emotional and both goalkeepers made fabulous saves to close the game. The match ended up with a 4-4 draw. 

 The second match of the evening, at 7 PM, was equally very competitive and resulted in a 3-3 draw between Boca Raton FC and the “holders” PB Scorpions. Both teams demonstrated high skill levels and the necessary intensity to play and shine at this level of competency.

 Himmarshee FC in action

 The colours
Nico Sevilla, the youngest fan of the GOLCO and a future unique player