The Academy wins for the third consecutive time the Gold Coast Soccer Development League Competition

After finishing fifth in the robin round of the season, The Academy rose to the occasion and won the Rudy Lewis Memorial Cup of the Gold Coast SDL Winter Season. They defeated Boca SC in the quarterfinals, (cero-cero in regulation time and 4-2 in kicks from the penalty mark) then they beat the robin round champs, Oakland Stars by a score of 4-0 and Schulz Academy in the finals by the same score 4-0.
The final The Academy vs Schulz Academy was an excellent game. Schulz Academy dominated during the first half but the game was scoreless at half time. The substitutions made by The Academy coach J.C. Meeroff in the second half pay great dividends. The Academy midfield controlled the game, the last line of four was impenetrable and the forwards were very effective creating goal scoring opportunities. Stefano Bontempo scored with a blast shot from outside the penalty area at minute 7. Then The Academy had many chances to increase the difference but the great performance by Schultz Academy keeper Brandon Ryan denied those opportunities until striker Travis Brown scored again for The Academy at minute 24. With Schulz Academy desperately attacking to reduce the gap, Dumel Decius scored for The Academy on a great counterattack. Finally Roee Blicher mark the fourth goal on a penalty kick after Shulz Academy keeper Ryan took down captain Garrick Ferguson inside the penalty area.
The Academy keeper Derek Robbie was nominated “The Academy man of the match”.
The season was excellent and the level of play superb. It demonstrates that this is the way to go and to promote organized soccer in the US: local leagues with superior intensity and great quality. Congratulation to all participating teams!! We hope they will return to play next season/
The next GCSDL season (spring season) will start in April 2014. Interested teams can apply by requesting information to

Mr. Nigel Higginbotham
Coordinator GCSDL Program

(954) 771-9297